Sunday, December 17, 2006


December 11th
I'm just realizing that my life is going to be changing significantly in the future....ok so Wow that's a new revelation....isn't the future always supposed to change :) But I think I'll be entering a new stage in life...moving out of the safe bubble that is York and into a new world on a new and exciting path. I feel like I'm at the top of a roller coaster where the last two years have been spent chugging my way up to the top where you see all the possibilities of the paths ahead. Well, on a roller coaster you only have one path really but the feeling your stomach of what the hell was I thinking when I got on this ride ?!! is pretty much the same. Things are going to change a lot. Next year somewhere in Africa then onto a Masters Program hopefully in Amsterdam or Monterey CA and then who knows where, UN internship? Government work, PhD. ....All I know is it's going to be the scariest roller coaster ride I've ever taken.


At 2:21 a.m., Anonymous Anonymous said...

testing 1 2 3 check check

At 2:23 a.m., Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ah ha! It worked. I am amaaaazing.

Anyway, It is Anjie.

I heard you called but not until 10 at night so I didn't phone you. But I don't know your e-mail address. I should get your mom to email me.

love anjie


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