Sunday, January 15, 2006


I found out I'm going to Ghana this Accra most likely, it's a city on the Southern coast close to Togo. That's all I know for now, I should know more after the conference this week from Tuesday to Sunday..


Hello everyone, Oh joy the Avalanche won...and so Greta was in a good mood on the way home. The trip was fun! and so was the driving...kind of relaxing...except for the small snow storm on the way back. It's also true what they say, that it's way easier to get into Canada than it is to get into the US, we didn't even show them our passports on the way back but the US border guy asked a lot of questions interrogation style. We walked around the night we got there in downtown and found Philedelphia's gaybourhood where we met these two nice guys who told us what to see...they were really sweet. It's a really nice city, old and very architectural. We went to see the Liberty Bell the next day, which you have to go through a metal detector and airport security process to get to weird and then I wandered around the old city while Greta and Adam went to see the game. I saw the last 5 minutes in a bar, Philly scored 2 goals in the last 5 minutes to make it 3-3 and then Colorado dominated in overtime to win 4-3.

Greta at the Liberty Bell...after security

It's Adam's slogan...

It's apparently the sqeeeziest in Philedelphia...I thought it was a funny sign :)

Thursday, January 12, 2006


So I'm going to Philedephia for a life twists and turns. So far for me January has been on weird start to the new year...although I don't really feel like I've started anything new since I"m just doing to same thing that I was doing before...mostly. Greta, class buddy, got Avalance tickets for Christmas cause she is a huge Avs fan. But her boyfriend isn't too much into hockey so he suggested that Adam and I go along too and then Adam...also an Avs fan...go to the game with Greta and that we all hang out in Philedelpia for a day. Two days later I leave for Ottawa for 5 days for a conference with EWB from across Canada. Saskatchewan apparently has a reputation of being the "crazy" group...we'll see:)

Anjum Happy Birthday to you on the 13th!!!! I hope you get to blow out some candles

Wednesday, January 11, 2006


So this has been a very crazy day that everything came together....I got all my grades back finally and....I did way better than I had expected which makes me confused as to what I expect....very confused.....maybe its the new office chair that survived the plane ride intact and has become Max's favorite sleeping spot or maybe the chocolate covered coffee beans are like a super smart drug that makes you a genius when you eat them for a week...I"ll have to test that theory in April again.

I think that I finally believe somewhat that I am going to Africa...we had a meeting today about the conference coming up and people seemed to think I was going...although they didn't see the need to inform me about the meeting until late the day before....I just need to get fundraising, hopefully I'll have time cause I think the last part of the year is going to get a little crazy. Anyway, so that's me...I'm freaked out cause everything is going to well....yeah sounds like me, I can't be happy unless I'm worrying about something or feel that I'm doomed somehow. I have to do more reading for tomorrow, and get more sleep, I almost forgot...sorry mom
Bye for now,


I thought I'd post some pictures of the flooding that we had in August. This is the hole that is in one of the major streets just South of where we live and it is still under construction or just beginning construction ....oh the joys of living in a low priority neighbourhood....causing major traffic pains everwhere else Grrr!! Anyways, the hole is still in the road, it was caused by a creek overflowing that you can see from our balcony and then trying to fit into the pipes that funnel it under the road. Didn't work as you can see here...

This happened when we were moving from our old playce actually so we came home after a long day and found the cats up as high as they could get and water pooled under the bed and soaking the rugs...that was a fun night let me tell you. Earlier I didn't think it was so bad so I went to the mall to get something to find that the mall was being evacuated cause the parking lot was flooded and the sewage was being backed up...I was also totally soaked in 10 seconds of being outside even though I had an umbrella.